Szekszárd, 1948.

Does it matter if I'm a labelled "man"?
My inner self is spirit and love,
The whole Earth is my home
And the Universe my birthplace.

I ventured alone on the highway of love
Filled with faith and fervour,
Joined by companions at every step,
And soon I have found a caravan behind me.

(Darshan Singh)

My name is Jenő Balogh, I am a painter artist.
I paint my pictures in the spirit of “Planetary Consciousness”.
I had several exhibitions all over the world: Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, New Delhi and Athens, where I was awarded the bronze medal at the Cultural Olympics 1999.
I am also member of several international artist associations.

I originated the September 5th International Charity Day, which is on the anniversary of Mother Theresa’s death.
The bill was passed by the Hungarian Parliament on May 23, 2011; and on December 17, 2012 by the United Nations General Assembly.
In April 2011 the UN General Secretary Ban ki Moon said: “Mother Theresa left us with a legacy that we are to continue because it brings real peace forward”.
This is the legacy I wish to preserve and continue.

The words painter-artist mean, he has deep perception and spontaneous comprehension. He sees, how we destroy our environment, feels that we are bound to nature, that our little planet is part of the universe. The word responsible means, he is conscious and deliberate in communicating and transmitting his visions and comprehension to the public.
And this is an issue of outmost importence in our days. We all need wide and deep perception, and real comprehension. Without them, we shall go on destroying oru environment, we shall separate ourselves from nature and the cosmos, in the false belief, that our life and evolution are possible this way, too. We all need a new conscience, one which unites us eith nature and our fellow humans.
Arts and artists are the bearers of such a conscience. Their responsibility is therefore enormous, toward contemporans as well as toward future generations. Art is omnipresent within socicty: it shapes the cities by architecture and urbanism, penetrates oru hearts by music, supplies entertainment, challenge an information by literature, film or theatre, paints the screens of billions of TV-sets. Arts, - be they "pure" or "applied" - claborately shape our society, even if we are not always aware of it.

Leading artists of many fields have lost their sensitivity against the actual problelms of human society, exactly as most introverted scientists have done.The alienation of arts from society, and the search for independence froim social compulsion in science, arc tipical 20 th. century phenomena. Earlier, most artists took an irresistible interest in literature, social issues, politics and arts. Writers from Aristophanes to Balzac have repeatedly emphasised this universality of their interests. Balzac has stated, he has finished with his pen the work started by Napoleon with his sword. Neither Goethe nor Wagner were reluctant to fill their opera with social message.

The separation of art from the mainstream of society deprives humanity of one of the most important sources of creativity. Art shapes our imagination, provides us with new discoveries on human nature and social connections, indicates us the way to set and achieve our goals. Artists in their opera are able to make us acquinted with changes and new issues, help us crystallize new concepts, recognise new values and ideals.
Mr. Jenô Balogh has accepted this job and excellently fulfills it by his paintings. This is why Mr. Balogh is a member of the BUDAPEST CLUB, where together with his fellow members, he contributes to the development of a new, contemporary "planetary conscience" within large sections of our society.

Dr. Ervin László President of the Budapest Club.

Jenő Balogh
7100 Szekszárd
Phone: +36 74/416-916

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