Fadd, 1924 - Szilasliget, 2000.

János Határ painter was born in Fadd in 1924.

His first experiences came from the Dead-Danube, the Potyond section of the flow what he expressed in drawings inspired by his father.

His talent was tended by József Koszta and Ferenc Martyn supporting him that nature be his best master. It has become due to his inner ambition, too. He has chosen painting not only for expressing himself but for his profession, exclusively painting and for that sake he gave up everything else with ascetic scrictness. In the name of this mission he lives, creates today as well. Developing his dreams, ambitions towards heights consequently with huge energy.

Since the end of the fifties untill now he has had a steady development.
Meditation and practice of painting means the same according to him.

In 1958 the ancient bush of Tengelic grabbed his imagination creating the basic resource of his forext pictures. His other picturesque motive is the Danube shore at Paks and Dunaföldvár with its one-time shanty hamletx, horse markets. The tumbling wall is a painter's treasure for him as well as the fishermen's boats swaying, staying on the river.

Beside these cycles his outstanding set has been painted since 1983. untill today about Algeria, about the desert, the oases, Oran, the Market of Gardiai, narrow streets, bazars, Algerian Berber faces, the landscape, the fate of the brave and straight nation, its history and its development.
He was there in May, June of 1983. and this stay in Algeria has emerged as the great journey of hos art with new ideas and works of art. It also resulted the acceleratin of hos development not to mention that these paintings of him are documents having cultural historic importance. He is almost the first presenting with deep consciousness, joy and experience the Sahara, the Algerian seaside and the man recognising feedom - a rerely transformed world by drawongs untill now for all of us with its unique beauty, its own lawx and messages.

He presented himself by individual exhibitions in Budapest, Ercsi and Siófok - innumerable pieces of his work can be found at home and abroad in public and private collectionsa thus also at the Algerian Ambassy in Budapest.

Summary from book: Losonczi Miklós: Határ János vallomása Afrikáról

Contact: Határ Irén

E-mail: hatari@npp.hu

Fotó: kapott fotók és Rühl Gizella, képfeldolgozás: Hollendus János